Assignment Guidelines

Game Assignments

  • Game Assignments will be sent out weekly via email from the Referee Assignor, Phyllis Beaulieu
  • You have 24 hours to accept an assignment; otherwise, it will be reassigned to another Official
  • If you can’t make an assignment, immediately call Phyllis Beaulieu, at 860-218-0177
  • Officiate the game as assigned to you, do not switch games with other Officials

Conflicts of Interest

  • Notify the Referee Assignor of any conflicts of interest, such as a family member or relative is a coach/assistant coach or player on a team or if you are a player on a RHAM Youth Soccer Team
  • Do not officiate any games where you have a conflict of interest
  • Failure to report any conflicts may result in loss of future game assignments


  • Report to the fields ready to officiate at least 20 minutes prior to the start of the match
  • You need to allow time to perform field/equipment checks and check in player passes
  • You need to make sure the full Referee Crew is in place
  •  Immediately call the Referee Assignor Phyllis Beaulieu at 860-218-0177 if a Referee is a No Show so that we can try to get a replacement ASAP

Reporting on Games

  • Game Reports must be completed and submitted by the Center Referee for each match
  • Game Reports should be sent to the Referee Assignor, Phyllis Beaulieu no later than 24 hours after each match
  • Failure to submit a completed game report may result in delay or loss of pay
  • The game report is important because it confirms the Referee Crew that worked the game, the final score of the game and notes any special circumstances such as injuries, misconduct or issues with field and equipment

Cancellation and Weather Policy

  • Report to your assigned game unless you are notified by the Referee Assignor Phyllis Beaulieu
  • Games are played in all kinds of weather so please assume the game will be played unless you notified of the cancelation
  • The Referee Assignor will contact you as soon as she is notified of a cancelation
  • If you are questioning the weather, please check with the Referee Assignor Phyllis Beaulieu at 860-218-0177
  • No payment is made for matches that are canceled and Referee notified at least 2 hours before the scheduled kickoff time