FAQ’s about being a RHAM Youth Soccer referee


RHAM Youth Soccer is a "new" organization. We are merging referee lists from each of the participating clubs. There will be some bumps as we work out the assigning process.  Please be patient.  


Assigning Process:

The weekly referee schedule will be posted on Sunday night.  Please confirm or decline your game by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday.  If you do not respond, you will be removed from the game.  If you do not respond three (3) times, you will be dropped from the referee roster.  


Once officials have confirmed their games, I will send out an email directing you to the website to see if your availability allows you to take on any of the remaining games. If you are not available, you do not need to respond.  If you are available, please let me know which games you are able to officiate.  I will assign the game based upon the needs of the Club.


We are trying to schedule you for as many games as possible. When you are being scheduled for multiple games, we will try to make them consecutive so you do not spend your whole day waiting around between games or traveling between towns. 


Contact Info:

Beth Fitzgerald is the assignor.  She may be contacted at or 860.212.2790.

Why can’t I pick the games I want to officiate?
Games are assigned based upon the needs of RHAM Youth Soccer. We do not want you to officiate in a game that is coached by your parent or being played by your sibling. We want you to be at least 2 years older than the players you are officiating. We want to put newer officials on games played by younger athletes. We want the more skilled officials on the competitive games.

Why can’t I trade games with my friends?
If you trade games with your friends, we have no way to manage who gets the games and we have no way to know who should be at a game. If your friend is a “no show” you would look bad.  If your friend ends up officiating a game coached by a parent or played by a sibling, the Club would look bad.  We want to avoid any appearance of impropriety.


I have an emergency, what do I do?

If you are sick, call or text 860.212.2790 or email me at ASAP so that a replacement might be found.

If there is a problem on the field, please call me at 860.212.2790 ASAP.

Why do I have to get there so early?
You need to arrive early for a number of reasons. The coach has a lot to worry about. He/she should not have to worry about where you are. You need to arrive 20 minutes before game time.  You need to make sure your crew is in place.  You need to perform your equipment checks and make sure the field is safe for play. You may need to check player passes. You may also tell fans to move back off the lines so the assistant referees have sufficient room to run.

It is raining, is the game canceled?

The game is played in all kinds of weather.  Assume the game will be played unless you are notified by me.

If a game is canceled, I will notify you as soon as I am notified.  If you are questioning the weather, please check the website.  I will update that as well.

It is cold; can’t I just wear my favorite sweats?

It is important for you to wear your “uniform” because it shows the players and the fans that you are an official. You may wear black sweat pants and a dark sweatshirt under your referee shirt.

Why do I have to be the center?
You have to be the center so you can learn all the positions. In most cases you have been playing soccer since you were in kindergarten and whether you believe it or not, you can do it. You are a more valuable official if you can work in both positions. It is easier to schedule you if you can do everything. If you make a mistake, it is ok. No one is perfect!

Why do I have to be an assistant referee?
Everyone needs to take turns working in all the positions. As an experienced official you can help teach the newer referees and help build their confidence as a center official.

How much do I get paid?
You will be paid $25 for a line and $35 for a center. You need to plan for a 2 hour commitment to each game.  You are earning $12- $15 per hour.  Minimum wage is $10.10.

When do I get paid?

You will be paid every two weeks. Once the game reports have been received, the treasurer is notified. 

How many games will I get this season?
Hopefully, you will get a minimum of one game per week.

How do I do my job?
Hustle; look alive; follow the ball and the game. Blow your whistle loudly and clearly.  Be assertive with your flag. Stay in contact with your crew.  No texting, no talking on the phone or talking with the fans during the game.  Do not address a player or a coach by name.  You need to be impartial.


How long is the game?

Please play the full amount of time allotted for the game.  You should confirm with the coaches  the length of the game prior to the start of the game.  Please do not short change the athletes.

What if people yell at me?
Ignore them. You are in control of the game. In all likelihood you know the rules of the game better than they do. Referees DO NOT have authority to remove spectators from ANY matches conducted under jurisdiction of US Soccer. Referees do have the ability to stop the game, and notify the home and visiting head coaches that a problem with spectator(s) exists. If the coach(s) fail to address the spectator issues, the match shall be terminated at that moment, and the referees shall leave the field immediately. Referees should never engage or interact with spectators. It is the responsibility of the coaches to control their spectators. Referees must call me at 860-212-2790 ASAP. Referees must then send an email to sra@ctreferee.net and/or syra@ctreferee.net notifying them of the situation as soon as they are in a safe location.

What if someone cancels?
I will send out an email announcing the availability of the game.  The positions will be filled on a first come basis. 


Why do I need to send a report?

Reports are due by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday evening by whomever served as the center referee. If you do not do this, you will not be able to serve as a center.  This is an important part of your job.

You need to send in a report for several reasons. First, we need to know that you and all the officials were there. The report serves as a “time card”. Neither you nor your crew can be paid if you do not send your report. Second, we need to know the score of the games. Finally, we need to know if there are any issues. Please tell us about the field conditions. Are there any equipment concerns? Did the coaches and the fans behave as they should?